Consultants and advocates that provide advice and recommendations on change management, Corporate governance, public speaking and organisational development.

David and Nadia’s professional and personal experiences highlight the valuable impact that people with disabilities can offer organisations at every level. At BONROS, they strive for better outcomes, bona fide integration, and meaningful opportunities for professional development. As consultants, advocates, speakers and contributors at executive and Board levels, BONROS demonstrates the potential for corporate and economic growth within every organisation – both locally and nationally.

As advocates for the advancement of organisational access and inclusion for people with disabilities, you are invited to contact BONROS to help assess your organisation’s cultural fitness for diversity. BONROS leads by example to help guide sustainable, long-term independence for professionals with disabilities. And with their support, your organisation will better manage its compliance with both the Disability Inclusion Act 2018 and the United Nations Convention on the rights of people with disabilities.

It is now widely recognised that bringing together a more diverse range of skills and experiences significantly contributes towards corporate governance. Diversity has also become a pre-requisite for improve employment outcomes. As strong advocates for diversity at all levels of employment, including the Board level, talk to BONROS about assisting your organisation to develop sound policies and strategies for improving diversity.

Both Nadia and David have managed significant disabilities in their professional careers to overcome adversity and achieve success at the executive and Board levels. They are living proof and an inspiration for organisations seeking to motivate their people and develop a culture of confidence where employees are encouraged to succeed and achieve their best at every level. Nadia and David have been keynote speakers at conferences, Parliament House and Canberra. They would love to share their inspirational stories with you too.

With a focus on creating opportunities and eliminating barriers, BONROS believes that social responsibility and organisational growth are not mutually exclusive. Talk to BONROS about a range of consulting services that will assist in developing your organisation’s strategic planning, risk management, staff training, audit services, and diversity services that can help to grow your business. With strong experience that backed by qualifications, Nadia and David will help you to develop and add value to your organisation in all kinds of ways.

Portrait of Nadia Moffatt

Nadia Moffatt OAM

As a strong advocate for change, Nadia’s incredible work has recently been acknowledged with an Order Of Australia Medal awarded to her in 2021 for services to community health, particularly for ... people with brain injuries.

At just 12 years of age, Nadia suffered a life-threatening major brain haemorrhage that would eventually require more than 9 hours of micro brain surgery to clip an aneurism in her brain. With only a 20% chance of surviving the surgery, Nadia has since built a formidable professional career that includes senior roles working in government, plus key roles on numerous boards, committees, councils, and working groups at a local and national level.

Nadia is a sought-after Chair and Committee member with executive experience in the corporate, public and not-for-profit sectors across Australia. With specific experience in telecommunications, health and community services, Nadia is also a trusted adviser in the areas of economics, policy, strategy, governance, consumer engagement, external communications, executive recruitment and diversity.

A natural leader, Nadia is an Australian Institute of Company Directors graduate who adds value using highly developed communication and negotiation skills that enable her to connect with people at all levels, professional backgrounds and cultures. She is highly qualified and regularly attends various summits, forums and conventions to continue building on her senior experience.

Nadia Moffatt

Portrait of David Moffatt

David Moffatt MBA

David is a Fellow of the Certified Practicing Accountants with diverse senior management experience that includes working in Auditor-Generals, Aboriginal affairs, disability, and mental health. Currently working as Manager, Strategy and ... Planning at SA Health, David has developed his highly successful professional career in spite of being born with abnormalities in both arms, namely ‘bilateral radial ray deficiency’ which consists of a hypoplastic left radius with radial clubhand, absent left thumb and hypoplastic right thumb.

David’s professional success at the senior management, executive and Board levels is a demonstration of his strong values and contributions to society.

David’s financial and analytical skills have been sharpened across a number of roles that include working as an auditor at the Auditor-General’s Department, serving as proxy for the Executive Director at SA Health Portfolio Executive meetings, and graduating from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Having been appointed to numerous boards, committees and volunteer groups, David’s qualifications and experience in both private and public sectors can provide you with high level capabilities and critical analysis to reach your strategic organisational goals.

David Moffatt

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Both Nadia and David are experienced and qualified Board members, committee members, senior professionals and volunteers who provide meaningful contributions to the strategic planning and policy formulation across a number of government and private organisations.

Working as either a team or to provide singular support, BONROS demonstrates the impact of collaboration, leadership and how complimentary skillsets develop innovative solutions to complex environments and problems.

You’re invited to contact BONROS to explore the many opportunities that are open to your organisation too.